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Installing the Batteries

Slide open the Battery Compartment Door

  • Find the battery cover, it has the sonic logo on it.
  • Slide cover to remove it.

Install the Batteries

  • Install the 3 provided AA batteries noting the positive and negative indicators inside the battery box.

Attaching The Sonic Map adapter

Attach the Sonic Mop Adapter

  • Align the adapter with the mop head so the power button is oriented towards the back of the mop.
  • Secure using the hook and loop fasteners.

Attach the Mop Pad

  • Choose either a reusable or disposable mop pad.
  • Align the mop pad with the mop adapter.
  • Press firmly to attach.

Activate the Sonic Mop Adapter

  • Press the power button on the mop adapter with your foot.
  • Use the mop as you normally would.