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Sonic Mop Adapter


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Improve Your Spray Mop's Perfomance using the NEW

Sonic Mop Adapter™

Designed to fit the Swiffer® Wet Jet™ Mop

Our adapter transforms your Swiffer Spray Mop into a



More Effective

Cleaning Tool

$29.99 + Tax

Batteries Included

Free Shipping

in Continental US and Canada

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It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Press Sonic mop adapter onto mop head


Simply press the adapter onto your spray mop


Attach any standard mop pad to the adapter.


Press the switch and start deep cleaning.

Take a Closer Look

Sonic vibration breaks the surface of the dirt and cleaning fluid so the mop pad can absorb more. 

Think of sonic vibration as tiny, friendly jackhammers helping you mop!